Due Diligence


Veracis offers a professional and highly experienced service in enquiries into potential trading partners. The service is designed both to:

  1. Enable you to demonstrate that your own Due Diligence checks are carried out comprehensively and thoroughly, and
  2. Provide you with supplier or customer information compiled from an interview with a company director at the trading premises and background research and validation on the company and its directors.

Our Approach

Veracis employs a systematic process to assist its clients in conducting their legitimate trade in the high tech Trading Sector, by identifying:

  • Credibility of suppliers and customers
  • Transaction verification

Business Reporting

We will report on any company you propose to deal with, detailing:

  • length of time in business
  • credit worthiness
  • experience in the trade
  • ability to fund stocks
  • company details
  • VAT details
  • personnel
  • premises
  • other background checks
  • evidence of Due Diligence procedures they maintain

Consult Us Now

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