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Professional & Dependable

Client Testimonials:

“I find the advice and service of Veracis exceptional. At anytime when I had concerns regarding my business I was comforted with the knowledge that professional and accurate advice was not far away in Veracis.”

“We instructed Veracis to help us through the applications process and would recommend their services without hesitation.”

“We are a regular user of Veracis’s services and find their attention to detail to be excellent, they are accommodating when asked to visit potential trading partners often at short notice and are readily available to discuss the content of their reports in further detail if the need arises.

Needless to say, given the ever changing nature of our industry, we need to be sure of who we are trading with and Veracis play a crucial role in helping us to do just that and therefore help us to protect our business from the rogue elements within the industry”.


Veracis was incorporated in June 1999, the founding Directors having many years experience in customs, consulting and investigations and in both the public and private sectors. The company has been successful both in working with HMRC in developing clients’ AEO implementations and in defending clients against Customs and Tax investigations, including recovering valuable assets from seizure.

Veracis has established a solid and dependable reputation with both its customers and professional service providers.

Authorised Economic Operator

This compliance and security accreditation is being rolled out across the world. Recognition is both commercial (where required by business partners) and regulatory (Mutual Recognition agreements with major trading partners like USA, China, EU). Our associates have had integral roles in setting up the UK AEO regime and Veracis specialises in preparing companies of all sizes to “step up to the mark” and meet the AEO audit requirements.

A Proactive Approach to Risk Management

By applying a close attention to detail Veracis provides business intelligence for its clients, enabling them to adopt a proactive approach to risk management. Empowered by the facts, our clients can present a potent response to negative impacts associated with risks, such as: loss of reputation, conflicts during tax compliance disputes, and financial threats as a consequence of tax refunds being restrained or refused.

Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathered from the public domain includes: Internet databases, on-line directories, credit agencies, Companies House. Veracis can also provide on the spot verification in any part of the UK and EU by employing agents to make on site inspections using, photography, surveillance and interviewing techniques.

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