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Veracis Business Defence Services for Organisations under investigation by:

  • HM Customs
  • Inland Revenue
  • Other Government Agencies

iPhones and iPads

Veracis Ltd in conjunction with Dass Solicitors

Legal Challenge to HMRC’s action to disrupt trading in Retail and Wholesale Phone Trading

HMRC  issued hundreds of letters nationwide, informing traders that they cannot buy small parcels of stock below the Reverse Charge levels from other wholesalers and severely restricting the number of pieces which can be bought from retail outlets.
Preliminary view by Counsel indicates that HMRC have not taken into account the genuine trading conditions in the market place and that such action may be illegal.
Should you have received a letter from HMRC and, should you wish to discuss its implications together with your legal options, please contact one of the following without obligation:
Contact details:
Steve Plowman 07932 673 761
Robert Holland 0121 248 4005

Advice on your Defence Strategy

Due to the experience of Veracis professionals in the private and public sector, clients benefit from a decisive and comprehensive defence strategy. This provides clients with absolute confidence in Veracis’s ability to advise and assist them during a period that can be extremely disruptive to their business and to their lives.

How Veracis Works

Veracis will present a without obligation assessment of the strength and weaknesses of a Governmental investigation. If Veracis believe they can assist in the limitation of taxes, fines and interest, or in the recovery of seized goods, Veracis will set out the best course of action. In some cases it may be possible to overturn entire demands and seek redress.

Standards of Performance

The Inland Revenue and Customs Charter sets down standards of performance for its officers, any actions outside those codes can be the subject of a complaint.

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